Breckenridge 9600′
Breckenridge 9600′ is a local company using all Colorado grown ingredients to make delicious BBQ sauce and Bloody Mary mix. Our bourbon has been a key ingredient in their sauce since they opened in 2013 and makes for an unforgettable flavor and aroma. Grab a bottle and learn why all the Breck locals love this stuff!

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Spice it up with: BBQ Sauce or Bloody Mary Mix

Burton’s Maplewood Farms
After meeting at the 2011 Gourmet on Gore food event in Vail, Burton Maplewood Farms and Breckenridge Distillery saw the potential for a beautiful collaboration. We sent two bourbon barrels to their farm in southern Indiana, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup was born.

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Purchase a bottle: Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Dude, Sweet Chocolate is proud of the spectrum of flavors they offer and the quality of the culinary product they craft. Seeing how our value of quality aligned, Dude, Sweet Chocolate began using out bourbon in their Break Up Potion. This concoction of agave nectar, 72% mixed-origin South American dark chocolate and our bourbon is perfect as a decadent mixer for a chocolate martini, drizzled on ice cream, or by the spoonful.

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Éclat Chocolate
Éclat shares the art of chocolate making learned in the finest chocolate houses of Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan through their artfully crafted desserts. They used our bourbon and mixed it perfectly with single origin chocolates and Venezuelan cocoa powder to create a decadent Belgian-style truffle.

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Treat yourself with a box: Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

SwitchWood specializes in woodwork, with their staple product being a wooden bow tie. They created a reclaimed whiskey barrel lineup of products, from bottle openers to bottle stoppers, using wood from whiskey barrels. Check out the rustic charm of these repurposed barrels.

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Teakoe is a Denver based tea company with a focus on sustainability and great tasting tea. We are proud to partner with them to create Lapsang Souchong, a black tea with a smoky and aromatic flavor. Its distinctive flavor is achieved by smoking the leaves with Breckenridge Bourbon barrel staves. Relax with a hot mug of this signature brew!

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