6 Quirky Things to See (and taste) at the Breckenridge Distillery

Now in its 10th year of operations, the Breckenridge Distillery has undergone a ton of growth. In the last 2 years alone, expanding the north end of the facility to include a restaurant (BDR), barrel room and new retail and tasting room, and most recently, expanding our production facility. The expansion gave us a ton of room to add a few special touches. When you are taking a stroll through the Breckenridge Distillery, keep your eyes peeled for some quirky art, familiar cocktail names and a portrait of Ron Burgundy.

1.  The OBI Wan and the Bag End Cobbler

If these cocktail names don’t sounds familiar right off the bat, let us explain more. We have HUGE Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans at the Distillery (Billie Keithley and Bryan Nolt), enough said. The OBI Wan Old Fashioned, our most popular cocktail, is a must on your next visit, crafted with our Breckenridge Port Cask Finish.

2. Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy, Breckenridge distillery

“I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.” You will find this portrait perfectly placed in The Dark Arts Society, the only place for a man with many leather bound books.

3. The Dark Arts Gnome

Have you ever noticed the gnome on our Dark Arts box? He is obviously a mountain gnome, not to be confused with a garden gnome or the ones from Dungeons & Dragons. He’s into tie-dye, classic rock, and chill psychedelic things. He’s always been at the distillery and actually has his own, yet to be released, product line. The Dark Arts required the Dragon because it’s purposefully dark malt shoved in your face, while our other products are precisely balanced. He’s the tangible duality to the Dragon and was therefore included on the Dark Arts branding.

4. A Zombie Shotgun

We asked Bryan what was up with the Zombie shotgun? “Sorry, I don’t understand the question. What the “f” is your master plan for the zombie Apocalypse? If you have a better idea please let me know, I might be in,” he said.

5. The art in the BDR

Bryan wanted the restaurant be a place that felt fun and comfortable, like you were hanging out in his own house. The BDR offers super high quality plates and bites, but we wanted our guests to feel relaxed and without any pretentious vibes coming from our end. We needed a quirky ice breaker to pull that off, so Bryan went straight to some of his loves, Wes Anderson films, anything Bill Murray, and a little Vader.

6. The BDR Chandeliers

Can you make out what our 2 chandeliers in the BDR are created from? When thinking of how to make the space unique and interesting, it didn’t take long to think of a creative way to incorporate our whiskey barrels. Take a closer look next time you visit our restaurant. We took the barrels and basically turned them inside out. It’s a pretty impressive art piece.



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