5 Breckenridge Winter Cocktails

Winter is around the corner, so naturally we are offering up some of this season’s tastiest cocktails. Billie Keithley, Breckenridge Distillery’s Liquid Chef, has crafted up 5 delicious winter cocktails that you can easily make at home, all featuring our award-winning spirits. From locally soured fruits and coffee beans to homemade syrups and whipped creams, these cocktails are the answer to your winter cravings. Just when you thought this post couldn’t get any sweeter, check out the home delivery options on your favorite Breckenridge spirits at Drizly.com. Happy mixing.


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A drink that is well deserved after an epic day on the mountain or to cozy up on a cold afternoon (because it is 5:00 somewhere). The cider vinegar, local honey and citrus of this cocktail really make our Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey stand out. If you want to take it up a notch, make your own homemade whipped cream. The perfect topper.

Breckenridge Apres Cider
1-1/2oz Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey
1/4oz cider vinegar
1/4oz honey
1/4oz lemon juice
Fill with hot cider and stir
Top with whipped cream & apple chip


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We’d like to say that Billie’s inspiration for naming this cocktails the Pomegranate Planet is because she thinks planets are cool. While this is true, our inspiration also came from Colorado being known for their sweet beets. In addition, the minerality and perfect ph of our Breckenridge Vodka pairs perfectly with pomegranates and beets. WATCH NOW.

Pomegranate Planet
1-1/2oz Breckenridge Vodka
1oz pomegranate juice
1oz beet juice syrup
1/2oz orange juice
1/2oz lime juice
Garnish: dried beet slice, key-lime, finger limes and micro-greens


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Hey Game of Thrones fans, this is the drink for you. Inspired from the series and our powder-filled winters in Breckenridge, Winter is Coming features our Breckenridge Espresso Vodka and Spiced Rum. The nuts and milk perfectly balance the spirits and pronounce the spices in our Rum. Fun fact, the coffee beans used in our Espresso Vodka are Colorado sourced beans from Ink Coffee Roasters. WATCH NOW.

Winter is Coming
1oz Breckenridge Spiced Rum
1/2oz Breckenridge Espresso Vodka
1oz almond milk
1oz whole milk or heavy cream
1/4oz macadamia nut liqueur
1 egg white
2 bar spoons of powdered sugar
Shake all ingredients with ice
Garnish with grated nutmeg and cinnamon


Breckenridge Vodka, Pear Vodka, Vodka, Breckenridge Distillery, cocktails
What makes this drink extra delicious are the Colorado sourced pears from Palisade Orchards and Farms used to create our Breckenridge Pear Vodka. The hint of brown sugar and cinnamon syrup “pear” perfectly. WATCH NOW.

Pearmanent Frost
1-1/2oz Breckenridge Pear Vodka
1oz pear juice
3/4oz brown sugar and cinnamon simple syrup*
3/4oz lemon juice
Garnish: lemon slice

*Cinnamon syrup: over medium heat, add  1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1 Tbs cinnamon. Stir until dissolved. Let cool.


Breckenridge Gin, Gin, Breckenridge Distillery, cocktails
Our Breckenridge Gin incorporates citrus and floral components. The tartness in the cherry juice compliments the botanicals in this spirit. It is the combination of freshly squeezed juices that makes this cocktail a crisp winter treat. WATCH NOW.

Juniper Nut Tart
1-1/2oz Breckenridge Gin
1oz tart cherry juice
1oz grapefruit juice
1/4oz Orgeat*
1/2oz lemon juice
1/2oz lime juice
Garnish: mint sprig, lime and a couple of Luxardo Cherries

*Make your own Orgeat: 
Take 2-1/4 cups raw almonds and grind them slightly. Toast in the oven about 10 min on a low heat. Over medium heat, disolve 3 cups sugar with 3 cups water. Add in almonds, stir, cover, and let rest for minimum 5 hours. You can add orange flower water, and brandy if you like. Strain with cheese cloth.

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