Breckenridge Distillery Releases Batch 1 of Powder Hound Whiskey

The Powder Hound is an exceptional, top of the line bourbon. Released in batches, batch 1 is a blend of bourbons from the oldest barrels in our library. While we’d like to give you a timeline on Batch 2, Powder Hound is so special and unique that it may only come around once.

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Tasting Notes-

NOSE: Dried orange peel, butterscotch, carmel, pleasant ethereal notes.

PALATE/TASTE: Thick caramel on the tongue followed by dominant white pepper, candied orange, and holiday spices, carrying through a soft, clean finish.

The Name-

Its name comes from our love for dogs but shares meaning with the reason we all live here, Colorado powder days. From the most epic powder days with deep fluffy turns to catching a snowflake on our tongues, the Distillery is constantly inspired by our backyard and the great outdoors. We share this desire to explore with man’s best friend. If you’ve visited our offices at the Distillery, you know that dogs sometimes outnumber our employees.


To align our support of our dog community in Breckenridge, we’re teaming up with the Frisco Animal Shelter to donate $5 from each bottle sale, with a goal to raise $2,500.

Powder Hound Tastings Events-

You guys are loving the Powder Hound, so we are hosting a second whiskey tasting April 20, 2018. Head Distiller Hans Stafsholt will be offering a private tasting in our Dark Arts Society where you will learn some of the processes we use in distilling, an in-depth tasting of Powder Hound and a brief history of the Breckenridge Distillery. Book tickets here. Limited seating.

$25 per person. Attendees will receive $5 off a bottle purchase of Powder Hound and $5 of your purchase will be donated to the Animal Shelter Fund.

Powder Hound: $175, sold exclusively in Breckenridge at the Breckenridge Distillery and Main Street Tasting Room.

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