DIY: 5 Ways to Up-cycle Your Breck Distillery Bottles

Sustainability is an important part of the Breckenridge Distillery. In an effort to recycle, reduce and reuse, we came up with a few ways that you can upcycle your Breck Distillery bottles into unique home decor.

PSA: Please drink [and craft] responsibly. Do not operate power tools if you are intoxicated.

1. Salt + Pepper Shakers | 50ml Bottles


2 empty 50ml bottles
1/16 drill bits
Salt + pepper


Remove the lids and the plastic rings. Empty your 50ml and allow time for them to dry. Drill 2 holes into the top of the black bourbon lid for pepper and 3 holes into the white vodka lid for salt. Fill each bottle with salt or pepper.

2. LED Whiskey Bottles | 750ml Bottles


2 bottles of your favorite Breck spirits
2 strands of LED mini lights (these are battery powered)
3/4″ diamond drill bit
1 bowl of water


Fill a large plastic bowl with water. Place the bottle in the water. Firmly press your drill bit against the glass on the backside so that the hole is hidden. Make sure that the end of the bit is underwater. This will keep it cool and help with any debris or glass shards. Drill until you drill through the glass. Feed the LED lights into the hole.

3. Cork Jar | Bourbon Corks


One large mason jar
Collection of your favorite corks


Simply add your favorite corks to the jar. Easy!

4. Candles | 750ml Bottles


1 750ml Breck bottle
Kinkajou bottle cutter
Candle wax recipe. Check out this blog for a full list of ingredients.

This can be a VERY fun project but if it is just too much to do, check out some of our candles at the Breck Distillery. Our handcrafted 100% soy candles are poured into up-cycled Breckenridge liquor bottles and Feature four vodka scents and three different scents in our iconic Bourbon bottle.

5. Christmas Lights | 50ml Bottles


50ml Breck bottles
3/8″ drill bit
1 strand of Christmas lights


Remove the lids and the plastic rings. Empty your 50ml and allow time for them to dry. Place drill bit in the middle of the lids and drill a whole. Place the lids back on the mini bottles and push the Christmas lights through the top. Great for your man cave, she shed or your at-home bar. Use the mini LED lights for your Christmas tree.

Fan Craft from @ktimk on IG: Home-made Flower Vase | 750ml bottle


1 bottle of choice

Drink Responsibly.

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