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Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day: 2 Seatings- 1pm and 4pm | Special menu only
Christmas Eve: 3pm-9pm

No lunch any of these days.


Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant brings the unique flavors from Chef David Burke and good company together in a relaxed mountain setting. Using whole animals as much as possible, our flavors are big and bold, yet remain rooted in traditional American cuisine. When Chef was designing the BDR menu, he wanted to give people local, seasonal and approachable dishes. American food that complimented the fantastic spirits of Breckenridge Distillery.

Billie Keithley, eight-year Distillery veteran and Breck Distillery’s Liquid Chef uses locally and seasonally sourced ingredients to craft our cocktail menu. Her deep passion for hand-crafted cocktails exceeds the boundaries of creativity. “If it is edible, I can create a delectable cocktail with it,” says Keithley.

Chef David Burke is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a student at Ecole Lenotre Pastry School in Plaisir, France. As a culinary pioneer, Burke’s innovations and revolutionizing techniques appear on menus all over the world. In 2011, Burke received the ultimate honor presented to inventors: a United States patent. It was awarded to him for the unique process by which he uses pink Himalayan salt to dry-age his steaks for up to 100 days.

James Beard Foundation
Best Chef in New York
Two time winner

Meilleur Ouvriers de France
Diplôme d’Honneur
The only American to ever achieve this honor

Chef David Burke Site




Pulled Pork
Baby Back Ribs
(Comes with choice of 2 sides and Texas toast)


Potato Salad
Baked Beans



Shareable Snacks + Starters

Parfait of Shrimp Ceviche
avocado, mango, crispy quinoa, jalapeño crème fraiche

Chickpea 3-Way
hummus, falafel, fries

Pork Rinds + Hot Sauce
malt vinegar powder, “siranchalot”

Charcuterie Board
cornichon, whole grain mustard
MouCo | cow’s milk, Ft. Collins, CO
Bucheron | goat’s milk, Wisconsin

Hipster Fries
fries, shishito, peppadew, bacon, parm

Maple Pepper Bacon
on the clothesline, three pcs.

Brussels Sprouts
bacon, apple, hazelnuts, maple

Deviled Eggs


Cauliflower Gratin
Whipped Potatoes
Wild Mushrooms

Apps, Soups + Salads

made yesterday

Field Greens
pear, bleu cheese truffles, smoked pecans, fennel, yuzu / lime

Caesar Salad
deviled egg, crispy crouton

Pastrami Salmon
corn waffle, pickled red onion, mustard mousse

PEI Mussels
charcuterie scoobies, jalapeño-Breckenridge Chili Chile broth

Family Style

All of our steaks are aged using Chef David Burke’s patented dry aging process using Himalayan pink salt. Patent No.: US 7,998,517 B2 – Aug. 16 2011

Prime Porterhouse for 2
mushroom hash for 2

Kansas City Steak
asparagus, whipped potatoes


Limited availability. Please allow a little extra love and time for preparation. Pre-orders strongly recommended.

Modern American Plates

D.B. Burger
CO ranch blend beef, white cheddar, tomato, lettuce, pickles, garlic aioli

add fries
pair with Bourbon float (must be 21 or older)

Bison Short Rib
whipped potatoes, seasonal veg, jus

Crispy Skin Chicken Breast + Agnolotti
seasonal accompaniments

sausage, broccolini, red pepper flake

Mezzi Rigatoni
prosciutto, smoked cherry tomatoes, basil, asiago

Barrel Char Rotini
smoked chicken, onion, spinach, chevre, cherry tomato

Korean Pork + Jasmine
peppers, scallions

For parties of 9 or more, please contact us at 970-547-9759 or email
for availability and seating options- We look forward to hosting you!

Some items may not be available due to seasonality or availability.



Crème Brulee
Vanilla, Caramelized Banana

*Contains nuts

Bourbon Float
Cherry Syrup, Mexican Coke, Vanilla Ice Cream, Breckenridge Bourbon

Berry Tart
Blood Orange Coulis, Coconut Cream Pastry, Mix Berry

Chocolate Mousse
Dark Chocolate, Breckenridge Espresso Vodka

Blueberry Ginger, Strawberry Mint, Breckenridge Bitters & Elderflower

Ice Cream
Vanilla, Chocolate, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Burnt Caramel Breckenridge Bourbon, White Russian w/ Breckenridge Espresso Vodka

D.B Cheesecake Pops
8 Pcs: Raspberry Pistachio, Tuxedo, Toffee

* Contains Nuts

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Meringue, Sponge Cake, White Chocolate Ganache


Elegant Earl Gray

Brilliant Breakfast

Nirvana Limon

Calming Chamomile

Coffee Service

Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters | Frisco


Craft Cocktails

Rickhouse Rhubarb Refresher
This summer sipper is balanced with tart and a touch of sweet. Breckenridge Pear Vodka, rhubarb/strawberry/hibiscus shrub, rhubarb bitters, citrus and effervescence.

Genever Juice
Hints of rosemary and lemon bring out the complex ingredients in this Breckenridge Gin cocktail. Gin, rosemary and lemon garnish.

Flutterby Potion
A clearly eye-catching cocktail to quench one’s thirst. Breckenridge Vodka, butterfly pea flower syrup, citrus and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt.

Velvet Sangria
Local and island fruits make up this take on a Sangria. Breckenridge Bitter, passion fruit, berries, apple and citrus.

Cuckoo Coconut*
Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey complements this coconut elixir with turmeric, pear and a touch of nut.

Farmers Market Bourbon Smash*
A fresh fruit libation made with Breckenridge Bourbon, blackberries, Teakoe Signature black tea, orgeat and citrus.

Barrel-aged S’more*
Campfire time! This cocktail engages Breckenridge Bourbon, graham cracker, Dude Sweet chocolate with a bourbon marshmallow. The barrel gives it the perfect char.


Perfect Mule
A refreshing twist on a traditional mule with a hint of apple and spice. Breckenridge Pear Vodka, brown sugar cinnamon simple, apple juice, lime and ginger beer.

Breckenridge Burro
A scrumptious Breckenridge Bourbon take on a summer mule. Bourbon, ginger beer, raw simple and a lime wedge.

Tea Time Mule
A cocktail you’ll crave. Breckenridge Spiced Rum, Teakoe Front Porch Peach tea, Tim Burton’s Breckenridge Bourbon maple syrup, ginger beer, dijon, peppered maple bacon garnish and a lime wedge.

Cocktails on Tap

Chili Vodka Marg
Our version of a smoky, spicy, margarita with Pueblo chili. Breckenridge Chili Chile Vodka, lemon, lime, kaffir simple, O.J. float and an arbol chili rim.

Influenced by a classic Negroni using our Breckenridge Bitter, Breckenridge Gin, in-house sweet vermouth, cranberry and orange bitters.

Cucumber Bow Thai
A refreshing porch pounder that utilizes Breckenridge Pear Vodka, cucumber, ginger and Thai basil.

Inspired by the Classics

Brown Derby
Classic Era cocktail created at a popular celebrity hangout shaped like a hat. Bourbon, grapefruit and honey.

Classic Martini
Appearing in the 1800’s this classic is made with Breckenridge Gin or Vodka, in house vermouth, up or on the rocks with a twist, Point Reyes Blue Cheese olives or traditional cocktail olives.

Barrel Aged Sazerac
This spirit forward cocktail is one of the most iconic coming out of New Orleans, with a bit of char from the barrel and a hint of housemade absinthe. Breckenridge Bourbon, Breckenridge Bitters, Absinthe and sugar.

Obi Wan Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned way to make a cocktail, spirit, sugar, bitters and water. Breckenridge Port Cask Whiskey, raw sugar simple, barrel aged whiskey bitters and a brandied cherry.

Bees Knees
Prohibition era cocktail balanced with citrus and honey. Brecken- ridge Gin, lemon, honey and orange bitters.

BYO Press
Traditionally a Presbyterian cocktail crafted with whiskey and ginger ale. Then the Americas changed it to what most know it as today: vodka, soda and sprite.

–Choice of Breckenridge Pear or Traditional Vodka, soda water and a choice of one of our rotating fresh flavored sodas to top with.

Rocky Mtn. Rock & Rye
Popularized in America’s earliest saloons. This elixir is spirit forward, containing Breckenridge Bourbon, the herb hore hound, orange, lemon, spices, apricot, fig and a rock candy.

Miner’s Manhattan
Breckenridge Distillery’s version of a classic manhattan. Served on the rocks. Breckenridge Bourbon bitters, sweet vermouth and whiskey bitters.


Breckenridge Whiskey
Breckenridge Bourbon, Breckenridge Bourbon 105, Port Cask Finish, Spiced Whiskey.

Breckenridge Bourbon Flight
Balanced, Spice Forward, Oak Forward, High Ester.


Spiced Whiskey
Distillers 105 Proof
Port Cask Finish Bourbon
PX Sherry
Dark Arts Single Malt
Spiced Rum
Breckenridge Gin
Vodka (Classic, Chili, Pear, Espresso)




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Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant
1925 Airport Road
(970) 547-9759, Ext 9

Guests can park in the back parking lot behind the restaurant. We also are accessible via Summit Stage bus route and offer a free shuttle everyday from 11am-10pm. Call (970) 445 8613 for pick up.