4 Boozy Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail Recipes

We all know that Girl Scout Cookie season is one we try to resist, but can you really? We had a couple girls come by the Distillery last week and they brought a puppy….a puppy. How can you resist a puppy and cute Girl Scouts? Needless to say, they cashed in and we got inspired. […]

Mastering Mixology At Home

Mastering mixology at home can be intimidating and challenging. Shrub and orgeats, to stir or shake, what do you even need at your home bar to make the perfect hand-crafted cocktail? Billie Keithley, Liquid Chef at the Breckenridge Distillery, is offering a few simple tips that can elevate your domestic happy hour.  “The key to […]

Your Guide To The Ultimate Cocktail and Pizza Pairing

Move over ice-cold beer, pizza has a new friend. We chose some of the most commonly ordered pizza and paired each one with a cocktail. You are welcome. Billie Keithley, Breckenridge Distillery Liquid Chef, teamed up with Breckenridge local pizza-tier Hellraiser Pizza to combine his favorite pizza ingredients with her “if it’s edible, I can make […]

How to make Billie’s Simple Syrups, Shrubs, Orgeat and Allspice Dram

This is a post you will definitely want to bookmark. Making hand-crafted cocktails can be challenging and intimidating. But believe it or not, you probably have a lot of the ingredients to elevate your cocktails at home, like sugar and water, berries, almonds, milk, etc. Now don’t get us wrong, some are more challenging than […]

17 Winter Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Winter chill is in the air and the snowflakes are flying. Are you ready for winter? Thankfully, we are here to keep you warm during those cold winter months with delicious cocktails…and, think beyond just warm drinks. Billie Keithley combined seasonal ingredients, home-made syrups and shrubs with our award-winning spirits. Stay warm with these 17 […]

8 Thanksgiving Cocktail and Dish Pairings From Breckenridge Distillery

A delicious cocktail and a Thanksgiving dish go together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream. We’ve taken the bold flavors in our spirits and paired them with some of Thanksgiving’s most traditional dishes like juicy turkey, Brussel sprouts with cranberry and a fluffy pumpkins dessert, to name a few. It’s time to sit back, relax, […]