Flaviar Visits Breck Distillery for the Ultimate Blending Battle

Earlier this month the Breckenridge Distillery welcomed Flaviar members to the bustling ski town of Breckenridge, CO for an epic blending event. Bryan Nolt, Founder; and Hans Stafsholt, Head Distiller, battled for the best blend with the help of Flaviar Members. Who won? We will let Flaviar tell you. Read more about their experience, what members had to say about the event, and how you can become a member. And of course, who won. Flaviar will be releasing the champion blend to all members, so stay tuned.

To all the members, thank you for visiting the Breckenridge Distillery. We had a blast hosting you and look forward to your next visit. Want to become a Flaviar member? Join the club here. HINT: Get an extra tasting box for free with a new membership.

Check out more photos from the Flaviar // Breck Distillery event on our Facebook page.

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Click here for COVID regulations and Breck Distillery's hours and operations.