Best of 2018 at the Breckenridge Distillery

Flashback to 2008: As a busy and successful doctor, Bryan didn’t have plans to enter a new career. But, he had this overwhelming passion for whiskey that kept building until he finally had to unleash it. Fast forward to 2018: The Breckenridge Distillery has one of the most highly awarded craft bourbons on the market. This year was one for the books with milestones, awards, new product releases, and a massive expansion to our production facility. We are breaking down our top moments of 2018.


We celebrated 10 years of production. The Breckenridge Distillery’s story began when our founder and CEO Bryan Nolt’s passion to make the perfect bottle of whiskey brought him to the same Rocky Mountain water that lured treasure-seeking pioneers the prior century. Over the past 10 years, the Breckenridge Distillery has produced innumerable award-winning spirits. Most widely known for their Breckenridge Bourbon, named World’s Best Bourbon by the International Whiskey Competition and Best in Class by Whiskies of the World, Breckenridge Distillery spirits have gained national attention for their flavor, quality, and branding. Read more here.

2. Awarded Icons of Whisky for Brand Innovator of the Year – World Whiskies Awards // Whisky Magazine

“This is a massive honor which we accept on behalf of every employee of the Breckenridge Distillery who makes a difference every day, putting forth the best products we can put in a bottle and delivering an exceptional experience to our guests,” says Bryan Nolt, CEO/Founder of the Breckenridge Distillery. “To be selected for the Whisky Magazine’s Icons award is the highest level of recognition that we can ever hope to obtain.” Read more here.

3. Awarded Best American Blended: PX Sherry Cask Finish – World Whiskies Awards // Whisky Magazine

In addition to the Icons of Whisky award, our PX Sherry Cask Finish was awarded gold for Best American Blended at the World Whiskies Awards in New York. Breckenridge Bourbon won Best American Blended in 2016 and the Port Cask Finish in 2017. The PX Sherry Cask Finish was released Sept. 2017. “It is very good, it has a great mouthfeel and the color is beautiful! The PX barrel really compliments the high rye bourbon spice.” ~Justin Sloan, The Bourbon Review.

4. Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant announces a collaboration with Chef David Burke

In February 2018, just over one year after opening, the BDR menu was redesigned with inspiration from world-renowned chef and two-time James Beard Award winner, Chef David Burke. When Chef was designing the BDR menu, he wanted to give people local, seasonal and approachable dishes. American food that complimented the fantastic spirits of Breckenridge Distillery. Read more here.

David Burke, Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant, Breck Distillery

5. Breckenridge Distillery releases Powder Hound Whiskey

Released in batches, batch 1 is a blend of bourbons from the oldest barrels in our library. While we’d like to give you a timeline on Batch 2, Powder Hound is so special and unique that it may only come around once. Its name comes from our love for dogs but shares meaning with the reason we all live here, Colorado powder days. To align our support of our dog community in Breckenridge, we teamed up with the Frisco Animal Shelter to donate $5 from each bottle sale. To date, we have raised over $4,500. Learn more about our Powder Hound Whiskey, available only at the Breckenridge Distillery and Main Street Tasting Room.

6. Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant wins Best Breckenridge Restaurant and Best Cocktail in Summit

Voted on by Summit County locals, Breck Distillery was awarded Best Restaurant in Breckenridge and Best Cocktail in Summit County. We were awarded third place for Best Bar in Summit and Best Brewpub (distillery) in Summit. Huge thanks to all our whiskey fans out there. And if you haven’t visited us before, make it a goal in 2019.

7. Breckenridge Distillery wins Top Libation of the Rockies // Elevation Outdoors

In a public vote, we were awarded the title of Best Distillery of the Rockies in round one. In the final round, we were named Top Libation of the Rockies. Thanks fans, you know a good libation when you see one.

8. Production commences on our new 42-foot continuous column still

We’re making HOOCH!

9. The battle for the World’s Longest Shot Ski

Now in its eighth year, the shot ski has reached extraordinary lengths. In Jan. 2018, Breckenridge broke the record for the World’s Longest Shot Ski at a whopping length of 2,128.3′, 1,266 ppl, and 422 skis. This fall, Park City broke our record with 1,275 participants. Bring it on Park City. The Breck Distillery is attempting….and will…break the record Jan. 10, 2019.

Cheers to 2018 and bring on 2019.

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